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Monday 20 February 2017

Baby to Toddler, Toddler to Boy

So there I was, merrily mothering on, not realising that time was slipping like raspberry jelly through my fingers. All of a sudden, it was upon me: Baby Rs first birthday.

Where on earth has that year gone? Geez.

I swear, just a minute ago I was bent on all fours on the carpet urging him to ‘roll over, baby, roll over…’, then BOOM – he’s cruising around the kitchen and stealing the telly remote.

We spend so much time wishing our babies on to the next stage and yet, when they reach it, we’re already thinking about what they should be doing next. Each time I pick Baby R up, and especially at bedtime, I remember so fondly how light he used to be, and how his head used to nestle so perfectly in the crook of my arm. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful to have seen him grow, to have been present to witness his confidence build, and his physical and physiological skills all develop.

The same can be said of Toddler O. For no longer is he toddling, but running, jumping, hopping and driving (imaginary) fire engines. It wasn’t that long ago that he too nestled in my arms, gripping my little finger and gumming a teether, but now he’s three and I’m so proud of the little man he’s grown into.

I know the day is fast approaching when I’ll have to start calling Baby R ‘Toddler R’, and now Toddler O is at preschool, I have to do him justice by recognising he’s not a toddler any more but now a wonderful little boy.

However, despite all this, even when the both of them are all grown up and trying to prise their baby albums from my fingers, I’ll be clinging on shouting, “YOU’RE STILL MY BABIES! YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABIES!”


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  1. My nearly 18 year old is still my baby and always will be. I'm not particularly soppy, but it's just that maternal thing :) Lovely photos. Alison x #DreamTeam

  2. Oh I totally agree, it just goes so fast doesn't it after so many minutes hours and days of just wishing 'that phase' will pass. A great reminder to enjoy the now! Thanks so much for linking up to #dreamteam hope to see you next time :) x