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Saturday 4 February 2017

10 Reasons I'm #RockingMotherhood

Thank you so much to Zoe at The Tale of Mummyhood for tagging me in  the #RockingMotherhood tag. Pop over and read the fabulous reasons she is rocking motherhood here.

Like most mums, I have moments (days) where I feel like I’m failing as a parent and find it difficult to think positively. The #RockingMotherhood tag is a marvellous way to recognise that, however difficult they find it, mothers do a fantastic job and need an opportunity to feel good about themselves and the role they play, every now and then.

I’m tagging Heledd at Yummy Blogger and Abi at Something About Baby to write about how they’re rocking motherhood and also, controversially, a daddy. It’s probably not allowed, but I don’t want to exclude the daddies as I reckon they’re rocking fatherhood too. I would suggest they #RockFatherhood but I fear they may then find themselves cast adrift on a hashtag dinghy, floating around Twitter with no one aware of their existence. So Ben (Daddy Poppins), if you want to be an honorary #RockingMotherhood, I hereby grant you permission.

Now, enough about them. Here are 10 reasons I (think I!) am rocking motherhood:

1.       I reckon a good place to start would be the three basic human needs: food, shelter and clothing. Well, my kids are alive and healthy so that’s one ticked. And they’re clothed most of the time, apart from bathtime, obviously, and the early morning, post-pyjama-removal dash for freedom. Plus, they have a house to live in, warm beds to sleep in and more toys than Mummy and Daddy have sufficient storage for.

2.       I try my best to feed their inquisitive minds. It’s an exciting time, to be little and to be constantly finding new things to learn about. Everything is interesting. Everything has a purpose or a consequence, a flavour or a feel. Some things make you happy, some things make you sad. The world is full of wonder and I just hope that by helping them learn about their surroundings, that curiosity will extend into adulthood.

3.       teach them good manners. Little O is three and already knows when to say please and thank you. As he and his little brother grow older, I will teach them other courtesies such as holding doors for others and generally how to be decent, polite human beings. You don’t need a university degree to learn that, just a good set of morals and the confidence to practice them.

4.       set boundaries“Don’t sit on your brothers head”. “Don’t hit Mummy in the face”. “You can’t have pudding if you don’t finish your dinner”. “Don’t throw your toys”. It’s hard to find that elusive balance between setting realistic and fair boundaries without turning into Miss Trunchbull. I worry, constantly, if I’m being too strict or too lax, but somehow I hope that, in the end, I’ll have achieved a suitable medium.

5.       I try my best to praise them and build their confidence whenever I can. Whether it’s taking their first few steps or putting a jigsaw piece correctly into place, I want to be sure that they know how proud I am of them.

6.       put them first. Those explosive early morning poos that made me late for work – not a problem. Sacrificing a social life, alcohol, late nights, to make sure I’m there copus mentus in the morning to look after you – it’s done. Walking around the sports centre looking like I’d wet myself, after sliding you down a rained-on slide – worth it to hear you giggle.

7.       I’m using motherhood to make more friends and support others. Not having grown up in the area has meant that my initial friendship circle consisted mainly of people I met through my husband. But motherhood has allowed me the opportunity to build on that circle, grow new circles and extend my support network so that I don’t feel like an island, adrift and alone, but like someone who is able to not only reach out for a helping hand but also proffer one when needed. It’s a lovely feeling to think that through passing on my own experiences as a mother, I may have helped another new mother find her feet.

8.       I took them to the pit of adult despair that is Peppa Pig World. Strictly speaking, I suppose this comes under ‘putting them first’ and boy, did I put them first that day. Earworm, anyone?

9.       I always have their back. I always have kisses to ‘make it better’. If they really, really don’t want to do a particular class after trying it, I won’t make them. When they wake in the night from a bad dream or sore gnashers, I am there to comfort them.

Mummy will always be there for you, my precious little ones.

10.   The last reason I think I’m rocking motherhood is arguably more important than the first: my children have my love. And that, they don’t need storage for. It will envelop them every minute of their lives and forever after, even when I’m gone. It is unconditional, eternal and fiercer than the fires of Hell.

Heledd, Abi, Ben - it's over to you!

  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10).
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  1. Great list, I'm loving this tag and the way it forces us to focus on what we're doing right rather than bemoaning or worrying about what me might be doing wrong. That. Ding said, I've been tagged in this too and I'm really struggling to come up with a full ten ��

    1. You'll manage it - maybe try and think of what your kid would say about you? Good luck and thanks for reading x