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Friday 19 August 2016

When you're more 'dressing gown' than 'dressing up'

As someone who was still getting ID'd at thirty years of age, I give myself permission, from time to time, to act like my mother.

Hence, it's ten to nine in the evening and I'm in my pyjamas already. Actually, if you want the truth, I was in my pyjamas twenty minutes ago and have been thinking about the moment I could put them on since three o'clock this afternoon (its been one of those days). I'm sitting in bed cocooned in my fluffy dressing gown, accompanied by a small drop of Jack Daniel's Honey.

Little O has been particularly trying today, not helped by the fact that my red-cheeked baby has been getting some gyp from his emerging gnashers. Much as I thought I'd nailed it the other day, the self-appointed 'Supermum' status doesn't last long and that tiara slides off darn easy these days.

Ah well. Some you win, some you lose. I mean, how do you explain electrocution to a two year-old? 

Sunday 14 August 2016

10 things I learnt from my Dad

Mummies get a lot of press. After all, they are the ones that have to push us out at the end of a tough nine months, and recover from the physical aftermath. 

But Dads are just as important. And no, not just for pocket money and lifts in the car. Here's 10 things I've learnt from the first man in my life, my Dad.

1. How to wire a plug and change a tyre

To be fair, my Dad is an electrician, so I reckon I'd have to be some sort of freak of nature not to have picked up some kind of basic knowledge along the way. Not that I'm about to crack open our fuse box and start re-wiring the house - I'm not a complete idiot.

Saturday 13 August 2016

The Feeding Games

Fussy eaters
It's a hard enough job being a mum, but when you can't even find a chippy that does decent gravy, you know you're in trouble.
Not only that, but the job of Mum also requires that you put yourself last. Always. I'm not blaming anybody. I knew this was what I was signing up for, following that third glass of red wine back in January '13.
And it's not just the kids I have to take into account. I have a husband whose 'dislike' list includes, but is not limited to: lamb, baked beans, meat on the bone, round roast potatoes and fish (except for battered cod, fishcakes, fish fingers, lime and chilli cod goujons and the occasional salmon en croute).