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Sunday 27 August 2017

My Top Ten Favourite Cuddles

I'm holding my hands up: this is the fluffiest of fluffy posts. Fluffier than a Pomeranian puppy. Fluffier than an Eighties blow-dry. Fluffier even than the contents of your granddad's belly button.

You get the picture, so let's get to it.

10. The Upside-down One

This is not altogether dissimilar to a wrestling move I saw once in telly. Your arms may be around their waist but you are most definitely not face to face. Much to your detriment. But if you can hold the move for the customary 10 seconds, it's classed as a cuddle win.

9. The Wriggly One

You want a cuddle but they don't. You'll probably get a hand or an elbow in the face in the course of attempting this one, but in my opinion, every cuddle is worth the struggle. 

This is the only scenario when concerns about their human rights or personal space or any of that rubbish fly out of the window. You want a cuddle so you're getting one. End of.

8. The Sleepy One

I'm not quite sure how I'd classify this as technically it's completely one sided. They're asleep in your shoulder and you're basically taking advantage of that fact to get a quick squeeze and a hair sniff. Delicious though, right? You almost don't want to let them go.

7. The Carrying One

You're carrying them. Their arms are around your neck and your hands are around their waist. Increase the tension a bit and Bob's your uncle, a mobile cuddle.

6. The Night-time One

Otherwise known in our house as the lying-down cuddle in the hope that they'll drift off to sleep in the middle of it. Doesn't work. Never happens. 

Worth a shot though.

5. The Change Mat One

This is great follow-up to the 'nose-to-nose' rub. If you're really sneaky you can quickly bury your face in their podgy neck and grab a second of squidgy loveliness. 

If they're ticklish, they'll giggle. If they're not, they won't.

4. The 'Everybody In' One

This is a tricky one and at our house it's called the 'family squidge'. It's a bit of a mish-mash of arms and elbows but the hope is that everyone will have gotten a hug from someone else at some point in the process.

3. The Running One

S gets these most commonly when he arrives home from work. 

Bless him - all he wants to do is take his shoes off and instead he's met with a torrent or arms and legs and snotty noses. I'm not at all envious *sniff*.

As the name suggests, this one usually starts with a run-up so you have to be on your guard and striking a well-balanced and solid pose, so as not to be bowled over onto your ass by the incoming child.

2. The 'Make It Better' One

This is a magic cuddle. It never ages, never wanes; never ceases in it's ability to make you feel better. Whether that's a grazed knee, a spat with a boyfriend or the fact that your own goddamn baby won't go to sleep. Works like a charm every single time.

1. The Squeezey One

My top favourite cuddle has to be The Squeezey One and I'm sure you'll agree it deserves the number one spot. 

This is my favourite because both parties are willing to participate fully, both physically and emotionally. The longer it lingers, the more you can lose yourself in it. Sometimes, I wonder if they can hear more than my heart beating, but my thoughts too. Even if they can't hear my mind whispering "I love you, my baby, I love you," I'm damn near certain they can sense it from my embrace. 

So that's it, folks - those are my favourites. What's yours?


  1. Aw I love all of these cuddles! #1 is definitely the best for sure. Nothing beats a squeezy cuddle. X

  2. Love all of these types of cuddles. You can never have enough cuddle time! They grow so fast xx

  3. Love all cuddles 😀 Though not so many now they are older x

  4. Ah this is lovely, I love them all too! xx

  5. Sleepy cuddles are my favourite xx

  6. I love a cuddle, sleepy cuddles are my favourite.

  7. Yes to the squeezy one! Now L is bigger he will run up to me and say 'I'm gonna squish you until you pop' which is soo cute, cuter than it sounds in writing!!