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Sunday 13 November 2016

The First 'I Love You'

There are many phrases it must be quite pleasurable to hear in life. Like 'I do' and 'you're beautiful' and 'hello, this is the National Lottery - you've won a million pounds.'

I am lucky enough to have heard the first and the second. Sadly not the third.

Of all of these though, the words I think each and every one of us want to hear most are 'I love you.' And how sweet it is to hear it from your own flesh and blood, your own child.

I have waited a long time for that moment.

There was a period about a year ago, when Little O started saying 'ruff roo' at bedtime. Alas, I'm certain it was only a sentiment echoed through repetition and that he didn't really truly understand what he was saying.

So I've waited. And waited.

I've packed him off for bedtime with Daddy, cooing 'looove yoou' in the hope he will reciprocate. But no.

I've tucked him in myself, whispering softly in the darkness how much 'Mummy loves you' but to no avail. So I kiss him on the cheek and creep out, hoping the little sod doesn't wake up.

I've nestled with him on the sofa whilst he's watching his favourite cartoon. I've pecked his cheek and wrapped my arm just a little tighter around his small shoulders. But no, he's transfixed. And not on me.

Then the other day, would you believe it - it happened. There must have been something cosmic in the air. Maybe an angel got his wings. Maybe it was a full moon. Maybe Craig Revel Horwood said something nice. Whatever it was, Jupiter moved into Scorpios wardrobe, the stars aligned and - BOOM!

"I love you, my fire engine..."

WHAT! Hang on one cotton-picking minute! You've got to be kidding me.

Did he just say what I think he said?

Right then, I thought. I'm moving out.

So Fire Engine, you think you can do a better job? Go for it. You do the fussy mealtimes. You do the extended bedtimes. You do the potty-training and the muddy boots and the bruised knees and the story-times and... OK, maybe I'll stay.

But that Fire Engine had better watch its step, or I'll chop its ladder off.

The good news is, Little O has since said the magic words 'love you' and it was during a cuddle, so I KNOW it was directed at me.

All I can say is it was definitely worth waiting for.

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  1. Oh no! That must be one cool fire engine 😉 glad you got your special moment too! Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. Ahh there's nothing better! Even if you've heard it a thousand times before xx #EatSleepBlogRT

  3. Awww lovely post! I can't wait for this moment! xxx

  4. pahahaha must be a pretty damn good fire engine! I'm glad he got there in the end though, he was just waiting for the right time #bestandworst

  5. Haha I was expecting some soppy old post here but this is brilliant. Fireman Sam wins eh? Glad he has said it to you since. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  6. I'd take the 'Ruff Roo' - repetition or not! Glad you got it with meaning now though - I feared for the fire engine!! #BestandWorst

    1. It was squeaky bum time I tell you! Thanks for reading x

  7. Ahhhh how lovely. I long for this day. I ask 'do you love mummy?' and I get a 'yeah' but can't wait til she says it #postsfromtheheart

    1. It will come. And it will be beeeeaaautiful I'm sure. ;) Thanks for reading x

  8. I cant wait for this from my youngest and i always go weak at the knees when my oldest says it to me. Along with him calling me 'super Mummy' #postsfromtheheart