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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Mama Bamboo - Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies and Wipes - Review

As a family, we try our best to embed environmentally responsible products and practices into our day to day life, from reusing and recycling to eco bricks and zero waste shopping. That's why I am so pleased to share my experience of using Mama Bamboo biodegradable nappies and wipes, which are made from the softest, breathable bamboo fibres and chlorine free wood pulp.

I imagine when I mention 'bamboo', the first thing to spring to mind is probably that weird spiky bush growing in your garden, but it's amazing what a little science and ingenuity can do. These award-winning nappies are extremely soft, temperature regulating and naturally antibacterial, meaning less chance of nappy rash. The blurb says they are produced using fewer chemicals than traditional disposables, with no chlorine bleach or latex, which is clearly better for the environment and raises less chance of causing any nasty skin reactions.

I have actually never felt a softer nappy. A delightful change from other eco nappies I've tried, which can feel like cardboard between your fingers. It's all I can do not to stand here rubbing this one against my cheek. I wonder if Tom Hardy's skin is this soft?

Oops - did I say that out loud? Apologies.

I'm also loving the fact that these nappies have a wetness indicator which I haven't seen on any other eco nappy brands and is great for letting you know whether it's time for battle stations or if you do actually have time to finish your coffee.

I find the real test of a nappy is the night time shift. If everything's where it should be in the morning, then you're onto a winner. And I have to say, the size 4 nappy I tested on my three year-old passed with flying colours. The nappy fitted neatly around my son's bottom and thighs, resulting in a leak-free night and a happy bottom in the morning.

In terms of eco-friendliness, the nappies are up to 80% biodegradable (at least 60% decomposed within 3 months) and are packaged in biodegradable film and delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes. Mine arrived in perfect condition and felt almost like a gift, given the high quality aesthetic.

The nappies are sold in large packs to minimise postage costs and the environmental impact of delivery, with the cost per nappy the same as the leading brand of non eco nappy once the 10% non-commitment subscription discount is applied. 

Mama Bamboo also sell packs of biodegradable wipes. They come in packs of 60 and will fully biodegrade in 6 months. They are safe to use on newborn skin and whilst they have a fragrance, it's less like manufactured perfume and more like the way your washing smells when it's been outside in the fresh air all day. 

What I love most about these wipes, aside from their awesome biodegradability, is that they are fantastically strong, stronger than any other wipe I've ever used. I get the feeling these bad boys could sort out any manner of carnage very easily and I'll definitely be adding these to my arsenal of clean-up 'go-to's.

Check out Mama Bamboo's website at to purchase or subscribe, and follow their journey at

I also recommend taking a peek at their bamboo children's tableware sets. The 8 fun collections, which include a plate, bowl, fork, spoon and cup, feature engaging illustrations of endangered species together with a matching story to help your child learn about these precious animals. Choose from Ping the Panda, Teresa the Sea Turtle, Gonza the Gorilla, Eka the Elephant, Ruandi the Rhino, Thansanee the Tiger, Ponya the Red Panda and Panuk the Polar Bear.

I absolutely love the feel and quality of this dinner set. The pieces feel really strong and able to stand up to a toddler teatime tantrum, and it's great they're dishwasher safe. It's a shame they're not microwave safe, but I guess that comes with the material used, and I'm quite happy not to set fire to my kitchen. The accompanying certificate and short story are a thoughtful touch which makes the set completely worthy of it's £15.95 price tag.

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I wrote this review in return for samples of the products, but the views and opinions expressed within it are entirely my own.



  1. We use biodegradable nappies but it'd be great to try these wipes out too!

  2. I love bamboo tableware, it’s what we use for camping, it’s great they’ve developed bamboo nappies now too.

  3. I used these on my 2nd daughter as 1) I was looking for more eco-friendly disposable nappy options and 2) They are 1 of only a handful of disposable nappy brands that did a prem size. I found they really good but sadly on the pricey side and eventually moved to cloth. #TriumphantTales

  4. I don't think these were around when my little man was in nappies - I would definitely have used them. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

  5. I have heard of bamboo clothing and toothbrushes, but not nappies! When I had my kids there weren't all the options you have today.