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Wednesday 1 November 2017

8 Top Tips For Keeping Everyone Safe On Fireworks Night

As we approach Winter and the nights draw in, this is a fantastic time of year to enjoy the spooky, sweet and spiced delights of Halloween and the wonder of Fireworks Night. But much as it's a great way to spend a evening together as family, attending a fireworks display comes with some obvious risks. 

Here are some tips for keeping everyone safe this Fireworks Night.

1. Have a bucket of water ready before you begin. It's important for cooling off spent sparklers and obviously, in case of fire.

2. Select a clear flat area away from houses, people, leaves and anything else that could catch alight.

3. Only buy legal fireworks and never try and make your own, no matter how much Uncle Dave fancies himself as a pyrotechnician. 

4. Always read and follow firework directions closely. And never relight a failed firework. Wait 20 minutes and then place it in a bucket of water.

5. Onlookers should obviously maintain a safe distance from whoever is lighting the fireworks and make sure children aren't tempted to run into the line of fire.

6. It is recommended not to give sparklers to children under the age of 12, but use common sense too and increase this limit if you think it's necessary. Also, show the child how to hold the sparkler safely at arm's length and make sure they don't run when holding it.

Sparklers can reach temperatures of 982 C (1,800 F)

7. To hand a sparkler to another person, give them an unlit sparkler and then light it. And don't hold your child in your arms if they are holding a sparkler. Facial burns and potential blindness? No thanks.

8. Think of pets: animals have sensitive ears and can be frightened and stressed by loud noises. Keep them indoors to reduce the risk they'll run loose and be injured.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Have a great time - be safe, relax and enjoy.


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  1. Good advice ahead of our friends sons birthday/fireworks party this Sunday. And I love the fireworks photo! #TriumphantTales

  2. Great tips. I love bonfire night but nothing scares me more than seeing my little boy with a sparkler in his precious hands, despite the glee on his face!! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. X

  3. Great advice. I think people forget through all the fun

  4. Great tips! I have one to add... push sparklers into a carrot to make them easier to hold. It makes the sparkly end further away too!