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Saturday, 29 September 2018

How much love is too much

I smother my kids with love. Every single opportunity I can get, I'm showing my love in some way or other. I don't believe smothering your kids with love is a bad thing because I don't believe it's the love that smothers them. Rather, it's the insecurity. I don't smother then because I'm wrapping them in cotton wool. I believe the more love I give the more I comfortable I will be to let them go when the time comes. Even if its just walking to school on their own.

I like to think my love is like a protective winter coat. It doesn't stop them going out and playing in the snow, it just protects them from the cold when they do. Just as I hope my love will protect them from cold hearts and cold words. I hope my km 3 gives them confidence in themselves, that my devotion proves to them that they are worth something in the world. Maybe it means they'll be able to more easily able to recognise when someone hasn't had enough love in their life and see past any harsh words or emotional walls.

And I think it's working. Three weeks in and O barely hesitates going into school. I know it doesn't he doesn't love me, or he won't necessarily miss me. That mean that he enjoys it of course, but I hope part of that is down to the fact that he knows I'll be right here waiting at the end of the day. I'll always be here if he needs me. Always.

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